Anti-sanding cream

Anti-sanding cream

'What to do about chafing on your legs?' There is a clear answer to that: use an anti-sanding cream! Anti-sanding cream is the solution you are looking for if you often suffer from chafing on your body, such as your thighs, feet, groin, armpits, etc.

What is Anti-sanding cream?

An anti-sanding cream is also called anti-friction cream and prevents chafing on the skin. Chafing spots are especially common among athletes (cyclists, hikers) because different places on their body start to chafe. Abrasions are not exactly nice and can cause a burning and irritated feeling. Anti-sanding cream falls under the name of 'body cream' and is used to prevent these chafing spots.

The benefits of anti-sanding cream

  • Prevents chafing
  • No burning and irritation on the skin
  • You can exercise again without discomfort
  • Calms and softens the skin

How do you use an anti-sanding cream?

Use an anti-sanding cream for those times when you know you might get chafing. Make sure your skin is clean and grab anti-sanding cream and then apply it to the desired areas. Gently massage this into your skin.

If you already suffer from chafing spots? Even then, an anti-sanding cream can be used to soothe and soften your irritated skin.

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