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Beard trimmer

A beard trimmer is an invaluable part of the men's beard grooming routine. In no time you have reduced a full beard to a powerful short shadow on your face. From a stubble beard to longer beards, beard trimmers are the perfect tool to model your pride quickly and comfortably.

With a good beard trimmer, beard scissors and with the best beard oil you keep your beard in the best condition and shape. But. Buying a good beard trimmer? Then first read what you should pay attention to.


What is a good beard trimmer?

There are more types of beard trimmers than beard hair. Almost then. But you want one that really sets you apart from other bearded Jedis. A dash of icon in the mix. In terms of design. Then you need a multifunctional beard trimmer.

For good care for your beard do you also need a trimmer with which you can comfortably and easily cut your beard into shape.

A powerful and ergonomic model that fits comfortably in the hand and is preferably equipped with a precision rotary knob. This allows you to continuously adjust your attachment during trimming so that you can easily trim your beard to the desired length. But your trembling friend must Also tick the following items on the list:

  • Fast charging function on charging station
  • Long operating time
  • Powerful engine
  • Can also be used via cord
  • Comfortable & safe
  • Easy to clean (possibly under the tap)
  • Wide choice of length settings
  • Comfortable attachments
  • Self-sharpening blades


How does a beard trimmer work?

Easier than letting your Labrador sit on command. Before trimming, you should first take the following steps:

  1. Make sure your beard trimmer is fully charged and clean
  2. Your beard has been washed with a good one beard shampoo
  3. Remove tangles and dirt with a good beard comb and beard brush
  4. Comb/brush your hair in the same direction
  5. Trim when your skin is damp but the beard hairs are mostly dry
  6. Use your beard trimmer on a safe (wide) setting and start trimming
  7. Comb and cut the whiskers with scissors
  8. Use a good one after trimming your beard beard balm and nurturing aftershave

Tip: Don't put it in too short a position in the beginning because you can suddenly trim away too much beard hair (!). So it is better to start on a setting that is slightly too long and then adjust the setting of the attachment.

It is important that you realize that length adjustments of the attachments differ per manufacturer. Since beard hairs do not all grow at the same speed, it is best to trim your beard every 14 days. This way you keep a close eye on the length and you see those growing beard hairs well in time.


What is the difference between a trimmer and clippers ?

Simple: Big steps home quickly. Like they did in a prison or with the military. No haircut. Stubble bald! Does your beard or your haircut have to be done in 1x, do that with a clipper. You use beard trimmers to get all your beard hairs to 1 length. And style your beard. An instrument for finer work. That's it.


Can you also use the trimmer for hair on your head?

Although beard trimmers are made to trim facial hair only (because of the short length settings), it can also trim the hair on the head by attaching various attachments. There are multifunctional trimmers that can be used for both beard and hair trimmer.


Which beard trimmer is right for me?

If you only want a stubble - or just a short beard, you don't have to buy a trimmer with which you can trim up to 10 cm or more. If you want to trim your beard as creatively as possible, purchase a beard trimmer with as many settings as possible. If you want a long(er) beard, make sure you get a trimmer in which you can at least adjust the attachment from 10 to 20 mm.

So think carefully about what your beard trimmer must meet before you buy one. Oh yes, the more you can adjust the trimmer, the more expensive it is as a rule. You can generally adjust the length of the trimmer in increments of a few mm. Check that in advance.

Tip: If you want to tackle your entire body with a trimmer, not every beard trimmer is suitable for this. The shaving head can be just too sharp with which you can injure yourself in the sensitive areas. Here is, for example, the Phillips Oneblade a very suitable shaving and trimming tool for.


How do you use a trimmer?

You will notice that if you get started with a good beard trimmer, it will more or less come naturally. You put your trimmer in the desired position and you put the head against your beard. Make sure you trim against the beard hairs. This way you grab every hair and create a beautifully evenly shaped beard.

Trimming is of course very different from shaving. When you're with a safety razor goes over the stubble you achieve a smooth skin. You cannot get a smooth result with a trimmer. But that's not the point of beard trimming either.

Everything you need to know to shape your beard perfectly? Read our article about trim beard and you can't go wrong anymore. Buying a good beard trimmer? Check out our collection!


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