Beard models: you will see these trends in 2024

Baard modellen: deze trends ga je zien in 2024

Beards remain a fashion trend that can't be ignored, and are getting bigger rather than smaller. Due to the corona misery, a good number of men have had to work from home involuntarily. And because you don't have to wear a suit at your laptop, many men have experimented with not shaving. In quite a few cases, the beard became a permanent part of their appearance. After the crisis, you will see many acquaintances with a big goatee!

Are you one of those new converts who at some point said "F*ck it" and threw his razor in the closet? Has your beard now grown long enough to (have) it trimmed into a neater shape? Then you should check out these tips. These are a few beard models that are now in the worldwide spotlight. Maybe they include the perfect chin bush for your facial type!


The Van Dyke

This short beard + goatee will make you look slick and elegant. Comparisons to a Victorian gentleman, a Hollywood star or a talented painter (bingo!) are obvious. Although you also have something of the devil ... either way, the Van Dyke is striking, bold and cool, and a good choice for men with a slightly "sweeter" look, a narrow chin or a baby face.

Wait until your beard is an inch long. Then start shaping it with a trimmer or razor. All the hair above your chin has to go! Make sure your goatee connects with your beard with a thin line. Then trim your beard occasionally as it grows to achieve that V-shape. Also, keep your mustache trimmed to avoid having a ring beard!


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The Balbo

The Balbo, not the Bilbo - in the Lord of the Rings movies, the hobbit was pretty much the only one without a beard. Feel free to use those movies as inspiration for your facial hair! The name "Balbo" comes from an Italian henchman of Benito Mussolini - but you probably don't want to tell that to your date. Nor does it matter who started this fashion, because the Balbo is an impressive and masculine beard model.

A Balbo beard is one that extends from your chin over the lower edges of your face, but for the most part leaves your cheeks free. The beard may be kept short, but may also grow out quite thick and long. Either way, it should be kept neatly trimmed. You can connect it to your head hair through your sideburns (if you have them). Your goatee is also integrated into this mighty head of hair. The Balbo is a beard with a loose ("floating" mustache). It can be quite thick and even extend a bit past your lips.


How to make a Balbo?

Your beard should be nice and full, especially on your chin. Then shave the sides neatly and keep them trimmed. Especially for men with rounder faces, this is a good beard because it makes your face look more angular, longer and masculine. Men who suffer from acne on their chin or the edges of their face will also be happy with the Balbo.



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The Chin Strap

This is one of the most popular beard models among celebrities in the United Kingdom. The chin strap is a thin, neat beard that grows along the edges of your jaws, then rises at a right angle through the sideburns. It can be worn with or without a mustache and goatee.

Wait until your beard is at least a week old. Then shave your hair away from your cheeks in a straight line, except for a thin line at the bottom. Then keep this beard well trimmed, and keep it short - a chin strap should not exceed an inch in length.

The chin strap emphasizes your face shape, specifically your jawline, and adds focus to your facial expressions. Especially if you have a firm jawline, this is highly recommended!


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The Garibaldi

Another Italian in the list! Well, it's no secret that Italians have an eye for good hair fashion. Moreover, the smooth Southern Europeans are popular with women - enough reason to pay attention! Guiseppe Garibaldi was an Italian national hero who defended and forged the country into one in the 19th century. His striking beard made him a style icon even then - and this model is a hit again now, more than a century later!

The Garibaldi is a long, full beard where the mustache blends into the beard. At the bottom, it is rounded or flattened. On the sides, the beard may extend well beyond your cheeks. How high you let the beard grow on your cheeks is up to you. As you would expect from a beard named after a guerrilla fighter, the Garibaldi does not need to be extremely well-maintained. Nor are beard oils or other beard care products necessarily necessary for this fierce growth.

You should let your beard grow for at least six months - the Garibaldi may be anywhere from 12 to as much as 20 inches in length. Then cut or shave the bottom of the beard into the desired shape, and Guiseppe is done. These beards are a wonderful choice for men with oval or rectangular faces. A mid-length hairstyle goes well with this hairy jewel.


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The stubble

In the lockdowns, didn't feel like shaving for a week? Congratulations, you have automatically achieved the stubble! Stubble is the most natural and popular beard model. In this, your facial hair is less than a millimeter (short stubble) to an inch (long stubble) long. You keep the hair on your lip - it's too little to call it a mustache - the same length.

Not shaving for one or two days to a week is an excellent basis for stubble. After that, shave or pluck away loose hairs to make the whole look groomed. If necessary, shave the beard off in a straight line somewhere on your cheeks. The area above that should be trimmed. The stubble should be regularly renewed by trimming the hair to a short length with a beard trimmer.

Especially in men who have good beard growth on the cheeks, stubble looks good. But basically this simple beard is suitable for everyone. And it's a great start for men who are unsure if they really want a beard. Just try it out and see how stubble looks on you!


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Clean shave

This will also be a trend in 2024. Because of the cursed mouth caps, many men have started to shave completely smooth. Former beard wearers as well. Well, what can we say? It looks very neat to many men and feels good - no stinging hairs can be a relief, especially if you've had a beard for years. Many women also like to touch a smooth facial skin.

A clean shaven look is easy to create, but labor-intensive to keep up. If you are serious about your new beard model (well...) shave with a razor and shaving cream or shaving gel. Use aftershave to moisturize and condition your facial skin. Repeat this ritual every morning. Especially men with a firm jawline can do well clean shaving!

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