Why the safety razor is the best razor for women

Waarom de safety razor het beste scheermes is voor vrouwen

Not every woman stands in front of the mirror for hours, but almost every woman shaves her legs.
We usually do that with a cartridge system, these come in all kinds of fancy, expensive and luxurious versions. Other women still use the infamous disposable blades.

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Usually we use a razor with multiple blades because this would give us the smoothest result possible, but generally this actually causes the most skin irritation. This is because these blades shave very close to the skin, which can actually cause ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. The multiple blades are close together and pull on the hair, tearing it apart instead of cutting it. In addition, all those blades cost a fortune.

Of course, as a woman, you want smooth legs without bumps or ingrown hairs. Fortunately, there's an easy solution to that - the safety razor! Also known as the old-fashioned razor. Of course, this one has been around for almost a century but is making a comeback. Now this may seem dangerous and tricky and maybe even too masculine, but nothing could be further from the truth. More and more women are switching to the safety razor to shave their legs and bikini line.

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How does a safety razor work?

The safety razor is actually a scraper in which you insert an interchangeable blade. This is called a double edge blade. These come in different sharpnesses. These double edge blades are of a much higher quality than the blades in a cartridge system or disposable razor. Also, you shave across the skin with just one blade. That means less stress on the skin. Because of the better quality and sharpness of the double edge blades, the hair is actually cut without lifting or pulling the hair. So you get a very smooth shave with less irritation on the skin. And also much less chance of ingrown hairs.

Isn't a safety razor very dangerous? Absolutely not! It takes some practice. A safety razor is not called a safety razor for nothing. The head of the razor has a certain curve that makes it very easy to place the razor at the right angle on the skin. Also, part of the razor is covered by a plate so your skin is only partially exposed to the razor.

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Shaving with a safety razor in combination with a shaving cream and brush

To make shaving with a safety razor complete, you can do it in combination with a shaving cream that you apply with a shaving brush. You beat the cream yourself into a lather and by applying it with a circular motion, you prepare the skin for shaving. This cream creates a protective layer on the skin and allows the blade to glide more easily over the skin. The hairs are made extra soft and often a good shaving cream also contains moisturizing ingredients. This allows you to then effortlessly shave the hair without getting dried out legs.

Sustainable shaving for the environment and wallet

An additional benefit of shaving with a safety razor is the savings for both the environment, and in your wallet. A good safety razor is a one-time investment when you handle it properly. For example, always dry the safety razor thoroughly after shaving. Only the blade needs to be replaced after a few shaves. And those blades cost next to nothing! Therefore, you have less waste from shaving and also minimal costs, considering the blades are much cheaper than the blades of a cartridge system. Also, the blades and the safety razor are completely free of plastic making it the most environmentally friendly way of shaving.

In short, shaving with a safety razor is perfect for women's skin
The first time you shave with a safety razor will be a little uncomfortable, but after seeing and feeling the end result once, you won't want to do anything else. No irritation, or pulling feeling and a smoother result.

Buying a safety razor for women

As a woman, how do you choose the right products for shaving your legs and bikini line in a store focused on men? That may be very tricky. Many shaving creams have a masculine scent, of course. Nevertheless, there are some products in our range that can be used by both men and women. Choosing a particular type of blade and safety razor is also important. After all, there are many differences.

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Shaving kit for women

To save you that complicated search, we looked into which products are really suitable for shaving your legs and bikini line. We took into account quality, styling and ease of use. We even had our female colleague (a real alpha woman) test the products. We ended up with three great starter kits that give you everything you need to give yourself a good shave.