Make-up sponge

Make-up sponge

Even if you have such a good product, a good tool completes the whole picture. This also applies to a make-up sponge. A make-up sponge will dot the 'i' when it comes to applying a concealer, eye concealer , foundation, tinted day cream or face powder.

What is a make-up sponge?

A make-up sponge is a tool with which you can make your skin smooth. With a make-up sponge you will be able to apply various make-up products such as a concealer , face powder , foundation or tinted day cream without any problems. Your face will look smooth and natural after using a make-up sponge. What is especially nice is that your fingers are not covered in make-up after applying.

How should you use a make-up sponge?

Some men have to get used to using a make-up sponge. You need to get the hang of the 'dab' technique. You always start by grabbing a bit of product (such as foundation or concealer). Then you put a few dots on your face of the product and then dab with the make-up sponge to spread it over your face. With these movements you go over the whole face so that the product will cover your face well. Because the make-up sponge is flexible and soft, it will mold perfectly to the contours of your face.

The benefits of a make-up sponge

  • Forms effortlessly to the contours of your face
  • The make-up will look smoother and more natural
  • You don't transfer bacteria from your fingers to your face
  • Your fingers won't be covered in makeup
  • Your make-up is spread well all over your face


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