When you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, impurities, skin pigmentation and other ailments, concealer is a true lifesaver. With some concealer on your face you often immediately look a lot more awake, fresher and healthier.

What is a Concealer?

A concealer is a light make-up product that is used to conceal imperfections. Don't immediately click away when you hear the word 'make up', because a concealer is a light cream that you don't have to smear all over your face.

When you translate the word literally, you understand that a concealer masks or conceals imperfections. A concealer does not necessarily fall under facial care , but it does ensure that imperfections are masked. Hence, the product is a kind of camouflage for certain unwanted spots on your face.

How should you use concealer?

A concealer is not a foundation or face powder . That's why you only use it on certain places on your face where imperfections are visible. Suppose you suffer from dark circles, then you place some concealer under your eyes. Then dab this out with your fingers and you will see that the concealer masks the imperfections. If you suffer from a subcutaneous pimple, concealer can be applied to mask redness.

The benefits of concealer

  • Masks imperfections
  • Masks dark circles
  • Masks impurities and pimples
  • Masks skin pigmentation
  • Make your skin look fresher and healthier
  • Makes your skin smooth and awake

How long does concealer last?

This really differs per concealer. When you have a good quality concealer, you can be sure that your concealer will stay in place all day and evening. Always read the description so you don't get disappointed.

The best concealer

Women have a different skin than men and that is why there are now also brands that have focused on men's skin. CARL&SON is a top brand that brings light make-up closer to men and is therefore also specialized in men's skin. The CARL&SON Spot Fighter is a high-quality concealer for men.

The Swedish brand Recipe for Men has also started creating a good concealer for men's skin, namely the Recipe for Men Anti-Blemish Coverstick.


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