The best hyaluronic acid serums

De beste hyaluronzuur serums

Hyaluronic acid is the wonder drug in the skincare industry. This, of course, is not without reason. Where people have been looking for the "Fountain of Youth" for centuries, some scientists seem to have found it with this fine skin substance. At least, for your skin then. Let this wonder drug do its work for you and find out what hyaluronic acid can do for your skin. We promise: young, full and healthy-looking skin. Who doesn't want that?

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance in the body that is able to retain a lot of moisture in the right places. And not just a little, but up to about 1,000 times (!) more than its own weight.

Besides being a body substance, it is a certain natural form of sugar. This form is also present in our connective tissue and skin. It is a real champion at hydrating your skin. It also keeps your skin elastic, young and supple. In addition, it even provides a piece of wound healing. Hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skins. Oily skin, dry skin, skin with acne, mixed skin, mature skin, blemished skin, normal skin, you name it.

What is hyaluronic acid good for?

What exactly does hyaluronic acid do? Well, as you age, the volume in your skin decreases. And by getting older, we're not talking about 60-plus. No, the volume in your skin already decreases after the age of 25. Shocked us too when we first heard about it. After you turn 25, hyaluronic acid in your skin decreases, so your skin will gradually become less and less voluminous and supple. Hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine ensures that there is no deficiency and thus your skin remains supple and plump.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid

  • Hyaluronic acid gives your skin the perfect dose of moisture
  • Hyaluronic acid maintains the elasticity of the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid has antioxidant properties
  • Hyaluronic acid promotes wound healing and thus helps with acne
  • Hyaluronic acid combats skin aging
  • Hyaluronic acid reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyaluronic acid refreshes the upper layers of the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid strengthens the protective layer of your skin

Hyaluronic acid in serums

By now we know what hyaluronic acid can do for our skin. And that is quite a lot. That's why it's convenient to start using a hyaluronic acid serum in our skincare routine. If you use face care, it is just as convenient to start adding this fine ingredient to it.

Apply a few drops once or twice a day (morning and/or evening). Do this after cleansing your face. Massage the drops in with circular motions. Do not rinse it off and let it soak in. You will quickly see results!

Our top 5 best hyaluronic acid serums

Of course, we also have a list of our favorite hyaluronic acid serums. We list them here for you. Then you won't have to spend hours scrolling through the internet for the perfect serum. That's just the way we are!

1. Doers of London - Hydration Serum

This serum instantly makes your skin smoother, softer and fresher without making your skin oily. This hydrating serum has three forms of hyaluronic acid that keeps the skin elastic while also moisturizing the skin. A powerhouse with fine other ingredients like kiwi and apricot extracts. And all at a very nice price!

In addition, this serum is free of all chemical and/or harmful substances such as parabens, PEGs, SLS, silicones, mineral oils, glycols, TEA, DEA, BHT, BHA, triclosan, triclocarban, chemical sunscreen, hydroquinone, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

2. Grown Alchemist - Instant Smoothing Serum.

A unique formula that creates a lifting effect due to its intense hydration. You can use this serum as a preventive anti-aging boost. Dehydration of your skin is prevented and wrinkles and fine lines are eliminated.

This serum has only a few ingredients, which is often a good sign in the skincare industry. So you certainly won't find harmful substances in this fine serum from Grown Alchemist either.

3. Medik8 - Hydr8 B5™ Intense

Obviously, this serum stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. The result? Optimal hydration of your skin with improved elasticity. Among other things, this serum is used after skin rejuvenation treatments such as microneedling, IPL and chemical peels. That does highlight the good results of this serum!

You can expect soft and hydrated skin with visibly fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This serum contains a lot more good ingredients and is free of parabens, artificial fragrances, alcohol and phthalates.

4. The Grey - Recovery Face Serum.

A serum that consists of powerful antioxidants and natural hyaluronic acid. This combination promises to fight wrinkles and create an even skin tone. Therefore, skin firming should definitely be visible after a while of use.

This serum is free of parabens petrochemicals, sulfates, SLS, SLES, DEA, alcohol and is vegan friendly.

5. Beviro - Forever Young Elixir Serum

The name says it all! A hydrating serum and anti-aging in one. Hyaluronic acid is the base of this serum, but there are a lot more great ingredients in it. This serum promises a healing effect that penetrates the lower layers of skin. Damaged tissues are repaired and irritations and scars are softened.

Forever Young Elixer Serum consists of 99% natural products, so it will be hard to find a chemical ingredient in the list.

Other products with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is not just found in serums. This ingredient is found in a lot more products. For example, you can sometimes find hyaluronic acid in a face cream, day cream, hyaluronic acid spray, etc. Always check the ingredient list to be sure. Just know that hyaluronic acid is probably present in greater numbers when it is actually in the description of a product.

Still have questions? Then know that you can always contact us. Then we're going to try to help you as best we can. You know where to find us.

Take care (of your skin)!

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