Christmas Gift Guide 2024: The ultimate gift tips for men

Kerstcadeau Guide 2024: De ultieme cadeautips voor mannen

To make things easier for you at Christmas, the Alpha guys have worked up a sweat behind the scenes to put together a hefty number of serious gifts for you, your family members or friends. For each category, we've hit home firmly. Even for us this is quite a struggle because we have a lot of top products to choose from.

They must of course be the ultimate gift sets that you will score with in no time. Under the Christmas tree. So that you get the best spot at Christmas. Shoulder shrugs. Fathers & fathers-in-law who are moved to tears because you paid so much attention to their Christmas gifts. Thus, we have categorized various gifts.

The finest gifts from 25 Euro to 50 Euro and above. Plenty of choice in premium products for all tastes. From funky pomades to the best beard kits and from legendary skincare products to rare perfumes. Purchasing the very best gifts is now under your control. All you have to focus on is the stuffed turkey.

Tip: A 2.5-pound stuffed turkey needs 150 minutes in the oven. You start at 200 degrees and after an hour at 175C. Covered with silver foil, of course. Alstu! The Alpha Men, of course, are also into cooking.


The Christmas gifts for your hairdo

In the month of December it is especially important that the hair has a little Brad Pitt. So styled that your best friend's new girlfriend at Christmas dinner is more distracted by your perfectly fitting hairdo than the glass of chablis grand cru she normally climbs into.

In short, these legendary hair products will make you look perfect in December. Even when the weather outside is inclement. There is a wide choice of legendary products and kits at a very sweet price. And look how healthy your hair shines. It should. It's almost Christmas. After all.


The Christmas gifts for your beard

A beard deserves extra care especially in those cold winter months. It even deserves extra pampering. After all, for a beard to properly protect the skin from the cold, you will have to give the beard hair some TLC as well. Win-Win. Well, you can with these carefully selected gifts with the best Beard (Survival) Kits.


THE Christmas gifts for your face and skin

Torrential driving rain or crisp freezing weather soon make for such apple skin. But from an Elstar that has been kicking back fruit flies in a basket for a few weeks. As in summer, the skin needs extra protection.

Then now is the ultimate time to purchase a Premium Skincare Kit for yourself or your Dad. Not only looks sublime under the freshly chopped spruce but does even better on the skin. That will be laughing at Youp van het Hek or Guido Weijers without the craters jumping into your cheeks!


The Christmas gifts for your body

In December, you definitely want to parade through life a tad Daniel Craig, too. Nails trimmed, nose hairs and eyebrows painlessly trimmed and stepping under a hot shower with some Vesper for an hour. Or sitting.

With a mysterious Claus Porto in the soap dish. Armpits topped off with a sophisticated natural deodorant before stepping into a (rented) tuxedo. For yourself or your brother who has been rather out of sorts, here you have the goodies of the year.


THE Christmas gifts for shaving

Of course, for the men who prefer to shave at a high level, we've picked out some sweets. From a genuine Stirling Christmas Eve shaving soap to the most decadent Stash Box Kit from Triumpf & Disaster.

You know, sometimes you just have to treat yourself. No superficial gift sets. Go for the real thing. For your brother-in-law, if necessary. Which you don't really have much use for. But we didn't say that.


The best winter fragrances

In December, usually the best Bordeaux, Barolo, Amarone and eloquent Sancerre are lovingly carried from the cellar. Not infrequently, a 1975 Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes is opened. It's Christmas. So then it's okay to be a little chic.

The same goes for eau de parfum men. But really nice aftershave that you don't just pick up at the corner shop. Specials. And we have plenty of those for you. For a very friendly entry price you, or your father, smell heavenly.

Come, not that Calvinistic but click on that Dapper Dan Eau de Toilette. Only then will you be a real BOSS.


The Christmas gifts for the home

Maybe you didn't know this but The Alpha Men also have unexpected specials to boost your/your joie de vivre. It doesn't stop at craft shaving soap, beard oil and the best safety razor. Especially for the December month, we have the products to spice up your home with for example: fabulous scented candles.

No heavenly dripping or pungent scents but scents of Mayan temples that caress all your senses. Or the Luxerious Himalayan Temple Oud Reed fragrance sticks by Captain Fawcett. The first question of your visit on Christmas Day? "Where do you buy this insane fragrance?!".

Yep, with us. Whisper your brave then.


Christmas gift ordered before 9 p.m., delivered tomorrow

If we can't help you with the above Christmas specials, we don't know what else to do. We too are going to do some serious scrolling through these high-quality trinkets ourselves. And think about who we are going to reward for last year's ultimate effort.

The perfect Christmas gifts just a few clicks away. You'll have them in your house the next day. Then you don't have to think about anything either. No wandering through the now crowded shopping streets. With a mask. And if you want real quality under the tree in 2023. Or just at the breakfast table. Then we know.

Enjoy the Christmas Ride and make it a magical December month!


Your friends, The Alpha Men.