How do you use beard oil?

Hoe gebruik je baardolie?

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How do you use beard oil?

When you have decided to grow a beard, you cannot avoid taking care of it properly. In fact, pampering is actually a better verb. The most important nutrition for your beard hair is good beard oil , a very important factor in the maintenance of your beard. Because if you don't use beard oil, you'll bring a lot of disaster to your beard.

Especially if your beard is a bit longer, it and the skin must be hydrated. The right elixir for this? Right, beard oil. By massaging your clean beard with a good beard oil every morning, you don't run the risk of dehydration of the skin and beard hairs. And even better: noitchy beard develops.

Just for a comfortable and fresh feeling, a good beard oil is a must to use. In addition, the beard oil ensures that your beard feels soft, shines and looks healthy. We have listed our top 10 with the best beard oil for you that will make you addicted in a good way.

So really use it, because a bone-dry beard topped with white unsavory flakes that you're constantly rooting in from irritation is exactly what you don't want. And your environment doesn't feel like all those white flakes on the carpet or freshly oiled parquet either. That is why we briefly take you through how you can best use a beard oil.

At what time do you apply beard oil?

Beard oil works best when you apply it in a clean beard, preferably washed with the best beard shampoo . This removes dirt, excess sebum and grease from the beard and skin. When you use a chemical home, garden and kitchen shampoo, your beard and skin will only dry out. A beard is a fragile thing and needs a lot of TLC. When you have washed your beard, gently pat it dry. Do not rub furiously and ravage the beard hairs with such a hard towel. Here you damage the beard down to the fibers, so caution is advised.

Immediately after patting dry is the best time to gently massage the beard oil into the beard. The beard is clean, the pores are open and this allows the beard oil to penetrate perfectly into the fibers of the hair and skin.

How much beard oil do you put in the beard?

Exercise beard art. It depends on how much volume your beard has: is your beard size 'ZZ TOP' or do you have a cultivated, relatively short beard? If you add a handful of oil to the latter, you now immediately know that you are amply wrong: you will be treated to a greasy mouth. With the table below we offer some clarification of how many pipette droplets you can best massage into which type of beard. You can read why you can't do without beard oil in our article ' Why use a beard oil? '

Beard length

Quantity of oil

Up to 1 cm

2-3 drops

1 to 3 cm

3-4 drops

3 to 10 cm

5-6 drops

10 cm +

6 and more drops

Please note, these are guidelines and as you get started with a good beard oil yourself, you will notice exactly how much you need to use. Better to use a little less in the beginning instead of drowning the beard in the beard oil. The point is that with the right amount you notice that the beard feels soft and smooth, and of course also looks shiny and healthy. That is the job of beard oil. Incidentally, most beard oils are supplied with an easy pipette so that you can easily dose the volume drop by drop.

With what frequency do you use beard oil?

In principle, you use beard oil every day. It also depends a bit on the season and how you approach life. If you lie in the sea or in a chlorine bath every day in the summer and you have a beard, it is useful to give it a beard oil boost 2 to 3 times a day.

When it freezes, the air is dry and you immediately notice that in your beard hairs. They often need extra care and therefore need sufficient good beard oil. In general, applying beard oil once a day is the rule. This way you keep the beard hairs plus the skin nourished so that you always have a soft, shiny beard. And by using a good beard oil you not only moisturize the beard hairs but also the skin. So: no itchy beard!

What is the best way to massage beard oil into the beard?

Again, once you've done it a few times, a child can do the laundry. To be on the safe side, we will still explain step-by-step how you can best apply beard oil.

  1. Spread the right amount of oil in your hands and fingers by rubbing them back and forth.
  2. Once the oil is well spread over the hands, massage it into the skin and also well at the roots of the beard hairs. It is important that the beard oil is massaged into it properly, because then the beard oil also has the most nourishing effect.
  3. Then massage the beard oil further into the beard hairs themselves. You can iron from bottom to top so that the oil touches all beard hairs. Also use your fingers that you spread and run them through your beard from bottom to top several times. Knead gently. With the fingertips you carefully apply an oil layer to the mustache.
  4. Finally, it is important to use a beard comb so that you can distribute the beard oil even better through the beard hairs. Would you like to know more about using a beard comb? Then we recommend that you read the detailed articleBeard Comb vs Beard Brush .
  5. You can't really style your beard with beard oil. It is pure nutrition to keep the beard and skin very healthy and hydrated.

In our page beard oil we take a closer look at beard oil and you can read about all the properties of this super important and indispensable elixir. We answer questions such as “what is beard oil?”, “what can you combine beard oil with?”, “what is the difference between thick and thin beard oil?”, and “what does a good beard oil actually consist of?”

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Good luck!

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