Hairdresser closed? Let your hair grow with these five tips

Kapper dicht? Laat je haar groeien met deze vijf tips

Do you go to the hairdresser every four weeks or did you actually just need to go again? What a bummer you'll be. Not everyone is happy about the quarantine haircut. The hair salons and barber shops are all closed and will remain so for some time. So you have no choice but to grow your hair while things are closed. But hey, this is the chance to grow your hair! You might suffer or get that awkward in-between phase where it just doesn't want to sit the way you want it to. But the upside is also that we all have to sit comfortably at home. So the times you show up in public with your awkward growing hair (which no one notices, by the way) will be limited.

Okay, it doesn't all have to be that awkward either. There are still many things you can do yourself that will affect your look. Before you go through your hair in slow motion with your hands like a movie star, there are still things you need to change. When your hair gets a little longer it also requires different treatment and products. Long hair is only beautiful when it looks healthy and cared for. We give you the necessary tips.

Tip 1: Change hair styling products

As soon as your hair starts to get longer, it is time to change products. Leave the clay, fiber and high hold pomade in the closet for a while. It's time for a lighter product. Educate yourself on a good paste or cream. Starting at three to six months, a paste is perfect for most men. It still gives enough control and texture but the hair can already lie one way. This is because a paste does not completely restrict the hair's natural movement. It doesn't completely lock the hair in place.

half lang haar man

When your hair gets really too long to style completely you want to exert a slight control on how your hair falls. Then a cream is really perfect. It's even lighter than a paste and helps your hair follow its natural flow as nicely as possible.

Our pick for a Paste:

gravity paste voor lang haar

Hanz De Fuko Gravity Paste

Our pick for a cream:

product voor lang haar man

Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream

Tip 2: Wash your hair less often with shampoo, use conditioner more often

As we've talked about in blogs before, frequent shampooing removes all the self-created oils from hair. It damages the hair and dries out the scalp. It also causes your scalp to produce twice as much, which can lead to very greasy hair and dandruff. Especially if your hair is even longer, you want to disrupt that natural process as little as possible so you maintain a groomed head of hair. Limit shampooing to twice a week. And preferably use a gentle shampoo.

Conditioner, on the other hand, you can start using it more often. If your hair is really dry, you can also use a leave-in conditioner or a hair mask for intensive care.

laat je haar groeien tijdens corona

Tip 3: Wearing a hat or cap

There are bound to be days when your hair just won't stay put, or when you have to run that one errand and have a terrible hair day. It is always handy to be able to wear a hat or cap. Don't do this every day because it is generally not very good for your hair. Especially not when you suffer from hair loss.

Tip 4: Using some essential tools

The hair brush

The hairbrush is really an item you should have in your home when your hair gets a little longer. It ensures that the natural oils are distributed well throughout your hair. It gives you soft and shiny hair. But it also helps you style your hair better with a blow dryer. Brush your hair every night before you go to sleep. Thank us later.

borstel kopen voor mannen

Denman D3 Black - Original Styler - 7 Row

The blow dryer

When you have short hair, the blow dryer is actually already a must have. Yet many men think it's a product for women. But trust us, without a blow dryer you're really never going to create that great hairstyle. It helps create volume in your hair and activate styling products.


Gives you just that little bit of extra hold. By "little bit," we mean a little bit is really enough.

Dry shampoo

Those days when you don't wash your hair with shampoo and it still feels too greasy you can also use a dry shampoo. A sea salt spray can also do the job for some men.

Tip 5: Learn how to style longer hair

Is your hair long enough to hang behind your ears? Then this routine may be quite appropriate:

  • Rinse (or wash) your hair
  • Dry it with a towel but leave it slightly damp
  • Need extra texture? Spray a small amount of sea salt spray evenly over hair
  • Take a fingertip of styling cream, spread well on palms and massage through hair. Use a comb or brush to distribute it well (don't have enough hold? Then you can also do this after blow-drying.
  • Now blow dry the hair. You blow dry it in the direction you want to style your hair. Play around with how you want to part your hair. Maybe more of a parting? Or everything one way.
  • Got the style you want? Spray some more hairspray evenly over the hair. Do you want to re-shape your hair during the day? Or do you like to sit on your hair? Then leave the hairspray on.