RazoRock: revolutionary in shaving

RazoRock: revolutionair op het gebied van scheren

By now we have told you many times about the advantages of wet shaving. The result is better and in the long run it is also more economical. Besides those benefits, it's also just really nice. Where women enjoy a beauty treatment or taking a bath with a mask on their face, many men enjoy a great shave.

Investment often too big

True shaving enthusiasts are looking for the best shaving soap, the best shaving brush and are always trying out a new safety razor. For many other men, the investment in all that stuff is still too big a threshold. Safety razors and shaving brushes are often expensive. Even though that investment is recouped pretty quickly with the savings on razors, it still keeps many men from making the switch.

Fortunately, there is a brand that is turning the world around shaving on its head. No doubt you had already noticed that it's about RazoRock. RazoRock aims to make shaving fun for everyone. They make all kinds of shaving products with ridiculously good value for money. As such, they can lean almost entirely on word-of-mouth advertising because the world around shaving is waxing lyrical about them.

Origins of RazoRock

RazoRock was created by Joseph and Michael from Canada. In 2009, they were vacationing with the family in Italy. Joseph's father-in-law, a retired Italian barber, sent Joseph out to buy alum stones for him. In fact, alum stones were very hard to come by in Canada at the time. Joseph sent out his uncle Michael, who found the stones in a store in the small Tuscan town of Lucca. Michael and Joseph were very curious and decided to try the stones for themselves. After shaving, they wet the stones and rubbed it all over their faces. It worked! The stones fix small wounds and prevent irritation after shaving. A warm passion for shaving arose immediately. They decided to do something with it.

It started as a hobby for their spare time but they soon found out what a lost art traditional shaving really is. They contacted artisan producers of shaving soap and aftershave in Italy and had their own special formula developed. Their passion grew and now they have a complete range of all things shaving.

Irresistible Shaving Soaps

Do an Internet search and you will come across a large group of shaving enthusiasts praising RazoRock to the skies. Especially the shaving soaps. Loved for their delicious scents, there are quite a few. Apart from the scent, the shaving soaps are very easy to lather up and the shaving result is comparable to the more expensive top brands.

razorock scheerkwast

razorock scheerkwast

The true power of RazoRock

Uncle and nephew's passion turns into not only beautiful products but also a stream of innovation. Of course, to make shaving fun for everyone, it has to be affordable. According to RazoRock, there is no need to pay a fortune for good shaving gear. As such, they are revolutionizing when it comes to value for money.

They develop safety razors and shaving brushes of sublime quality that they sell for a price that makes you spontaneously suspicious. We were stunned when we first unpacked and tested a shaving brush. It really can be done! The Plissoft synthetic shaving brushes are incredibly soft and quickly create a rich lather. The safety razors are incredibly comfortable in the hand and have a particularly good finish.

As far as we are concerned, RazoRock proves itself as a brand that really focuses on shaving enthusiasts and puts passion first. We are fans.

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