WTF is Crap? And what is the difference with a shaving soap or shaving cream?

WTF is Croap? En wat is het verschil met een scheerzeep of scheercrème?

WTF is Croap! Are you just getting into our special shaving soaps or creams they cycle another type of soap in there? Nope. Croap is actually a corruption of a soft shaving soap. In America, they call it: cream + soap = croap. Maybe you already shave with a croap without knowing this namely. Let's give this type of shaving soap a stage.

What is the difference between 'croap' and hard shaving soaps?

Traditional wet shaving. Especially when you are a lover of the real soaps. Hopefully we managed (at the time) to excite you to treat yourself to a shaving soap with natural ingredients. And hopefully also with a classic safety razor. Oldskool like Grandpa and perhaps your father still picks and drives in front of the mirror.

The Croap belongs in the line of shaving soaps with which you use a shaving brush. This type of shaving soap, like the hard soap, is also packaged in a bowl. This allows you to easily, by heating the brush with hot water, brush the soap out of the bowl and whip it into lather.

Croap is in between a cream and a hard shaving soap. Relatively soft, in other words. It is therefore easier to mix with the hot water in the brush. In addition to these 2 soaps, there is also a soft shaving cream. The properties of the 3 types listed below:

  • Croap - A relatively malleable substance that is therefore easy to form and mixes quickly with the warm water in the shaving brush. The soft shaving soap lathers just a little easier than the hard variety. You can consume more of this type of soap than the hard shaving soaps so it will be used up a little faster. Croap contains slightly more fragrance components than the harder variant.
  • Hard shaving soap - Is not malleable and harder in composition but does last longer than a croap. It needs more friction to produce sufficient lather. But once whipped up one of the oldest ways of the traditional shaving experience with mostly soft notes of fragrance. Most hard soaps, by the way, come from France and Great Britain. The softer varieties, such as the Croap, originate mainly in Italy.
  • Shaving cream - A shaving cream is a softer substance than a shaving soap or croap and comes in several varieties. A shaving cream is therefore also slightly easier to lather up and extra suitable for beginners. It can even be applied directly to the face with the fingers. Most shaving creams come in jars just like shaving soap but they also come in tubes. The smell of shaving creams are often a bit sharper than that of traditional shaving soaps and croaps.

Everyone has their preferences. However, if you have never used a croap before, we will try it and add it to your shaving arsenal. You have probably also switched from the environmentally unfriendly canisters to the real craft.

What are our favorite croaps?

Let us introduce you to some croaps that we, not entirely coincidentally, have in our assortment and have a large fan base.

ABBATE Y LA MANTIA Scheerzeep - Krokos

Abbate Y La Mantia - Krokos

Talk about spicy crème de la crème. This Krokos is Abbate Y La Mantia's masterpiece. A soap was created when this cosmetics house from Tuscany bombed saffron as its main ingredient. In fact, Krokos is not a shaving soap with saffron, but soap artisanally produced from saffron. It is actually a saponified saffron, 100% organic and vegetarian. As a result, the soap has a rich fragrance of saffron and provides refined care for the skin.

By the way, the distinguished Abbate A La Mantia grows their own saffron. This precious red spice comes from the saffron crocus. This relatively rare crocus is a flower that blooms only eight days a year. To obtain saffron, you must separate the pistils from the flower.

This exercise is done entirely manually. To get 1 gram of saffron, you need as many as one hundred and fifty saffron crocuses, which is why saffron is also called the "red gold. Saffron is an antioxidant, has medicinal properties, repairs skin cells, is suitable for all skin types and activates metabolism.

Once you run your shaving brush through this Krokos' you are basically ruined for the rest of your life.

PHOENIX ARTISAN ACC. Scheerzeep - John Frum

Phoenix Artisan Acc. - John Frum

Not familiar with John Frum yet? This shaving soap from Phoenix Artisan is a handmade, vegan shaving soap. Produced with pure craft and with tingling passion in Arizona, USA. You whisk the shaving soap into a rich and comfortable lather, providing a blissful shaving experience.

The John Frum shaving soap contains the unique CK6 formula. The most dense and hydrating shaving cream available today. CK6 is the result of a long search for premium ingredients for a shaving soap. It contains many essential oils and butters such as Kokum, Cocoa, shea, bacuri and Capuacu. These 5 anointing powerhouses guarantee a moisturizing and sublimely soothing effect on the skin.

OFFICINA ARTIGIANA MILANO Scheerzeep - Oli del Benessere

Officina Artigiana Milano - Oli del Benessere

The formula of this outstanding shaving soap from the famous Officina Artigiana Milano consists of 40% essential jojoba, argan, almond, grapeseed and castor oils that give the skin its healing care for hours after shaving. Not only the natural oils, but also the ingenious manufacturing process makes this shaving soap very special.

In fact, each of the ingredients has been manually and meticulously processed to get the best out of them. Warm top notes of birch and black pepper give this shaving soap instant cachet. Fresh orchid, middle notes whiskey, honey, tobacco and saffron with a leathery hint offer a very special fragrance composition. The continuation of base notes wood, amber, guaiac and barley, combined with the special ingredients, gives the scent of this shaving soap the complete wellness experience.

ENJOY the shave!

Your friends, The Alpha Men.