Which beard style suits my face?

Welke baardstijl past bij mijn gezicht?

Beard styles are equal to your hairstyle, your outfit and your shoes. The beard makes the first impression, the beard makes your style, the beard makes the man. But there are quite a few differences in beards. Think of Jason Momoa's long wild beard, David Beckham's stubble or Burt Reynolds' cult mustache.

Now you may be wondering, "Which beard suits my face?" Some beards look really good with your specific face shape, and other beards can actually make the whole picture less beautiful. Therefore, the trick is to choose the beard that best suits your specific face shape, hair growth and hair style. We're going to break down all the beards for you so you can answer the question "what type of beard suits me" as quickly as possible!

Face shapes and beard styles

When adopting a specific beard style, the most important thing to consider is the shape of your face. For example, you may have a long and narrow, round and full or square face. Different beard styles for the beard fit each face shape. But not to worry, the choice of course remains vast.

Let's take a look at the full beard, because this stylish all-rounder suits every face shape. Modeling this beard is certainly not difficult. Therefore, we could put it in all the categories below. So not to worry my bearded friends, when in doubt: go for the full beard.

Beard styles for a narrow and long face

If you have a long and narrow face, different beard styles will suit you. Saves again! A beard can make a long face look less long by cushioning it with volume on the sides.

Three-day beard

For example, how about the three-day beard? This beard takes about three days to grow. It is the perfect stubble that still looks groomed and adds a nice casual touch to your entire look. This stubble is easy to maintain and will do justice to your face shape.

The chevron mustache

This mustache is shaped like a chevron and will cover your entire upper lip. When we talk about the iconic mustache of Burt Reynolds, we are talking about the chevron mustache. This mustache you with your face shape can have well because it can make your face look a little shorter. For you no problem, for men with a short face this will be more difficult. So actually you are privileged to choose the same mustache as Burt!

Horseshoe mustache

We admit, this one is a little less mainstream. But don't forget that we live in 2024, a time when anything goes! And if you could use a little extra happiness, why not throw it on your face? The horseshoe mustache is literally a mustache that extends down to your chin. So the ends are longer than a usual mustache. This mustache is for the man who dares to think out of the box and fits perfectly with a longer face shape.

The oldskool mustache

There is nothing wrong with simplicity and this original stache proves it once again. The mustache how it was once meant to be. Sleek, stylish, groomed and classic. Perfect for men with longer faces because the mustache breaks up the length of your face a bit.

Beard styles for a round and full face

If you have a round face shape, you can modify it by growing the right beard type. A beard can make a round face look less round when you know where to grow your hair, so modeling a beard in a round face can sometimes really make a big difference.

Short-trimmed beard

The short-trimmed beard resembles its big brother "the full beard" in many aspects. Where it differs is in the length of the sides of the beard. Thus, when you have a short-trimmed beard, you should keep the sides shorter than the rest of your beard. So optically, you will make your beard make your face type narrower on the sides, and longer because of the beard growth on the bottom of the beard. Your face will thus "stretch" slightly in this way, making the round shape less visible.

The baldo beard

The floating mustache with the low beard! The baldo beard can be recognized by the floating mustache and the beard without sideburns. So this one further resembles the short-trimmed beard when you shave off the sideburns and cut the mustache from the beard. Actually, you create a piece of extra length in your face by adding the beard at the bottom. This will eliminate the roundness of your face shape. Also, the baldo beard is an ideal beard style to hide your double chin!

The anchor beard

Your beard in the shape of an anchor. Sounds weird, but Johnny Depp, for example, wears this one quite often. It is a pointed beard that runs partially across the jawline and stops abruptly there. Above that you have a neat mustache with both points subtly pointing to the sloping side of your jaw. So by applying these optical lines, your face will look more angular instead of round.

The van Dyke

This beard style is very popular and we understand why. These beard styles with goatees that point out make your head look optically longer and less round. You also create angles in your face, making your face appear not only longer but also more angular. So a popular beard for men for good reason! So the van Dyke is basically a full goatee with a floating mustache. This mustache can either run upward or downward.

Beard styles for a square face

In case you have a square face and are wondering "what kind of beard suits me?", we have good news. In fact, if you have a square face, there are plenty of beard styles to suit you. For example, the full beard is always an option, of course, but you can also go for beard styles that are less common for men with a different face shape. Let's just say that you are the chosen one when it comes to ring beards and goatees!

The ring beard

The ring beard is an all-time favorite. But, it really doesn't suit every face shape. Yours does! You literally blend your mustache into your beard and create a circular goatee around your mouth. Your jawline remains clearly visible but you add a little extra touch.

The goatee

The goatee is also known as the goatee without the mustache. Not surprising of course, because it is literally a goatee without a mustache. The goatee can be long, medium-long or fairly short. It is not really a goatee until it stops just before half your cheek, though.

The little goatee

The classic goatee with even less hair. Where the normal goatee is wider, fuller and longer, the petite goatee is shorter and more subtle. You can describe the shape as a small anchor. Of course, still without a mustache.

The "royal."

The royal beard among beards. No ring beard, no circle beard, no goatee. No, the royal beard. It is a mustache with a broader goatee on your chin and a stripe down the middle on your chin. Even with the royal, you will make your angular points stand out in a positive way.

Hair growth and beard styles

Now that we've covered face shapes, it's time to look at hair growth and beard styles. Not every man is blessed with adequate hair growth. Therefore, we have looked at beard styles for the man with little beard growth and the man with little hair growth.

Beard styles for little beard growth

If you don't have much beard growth, it's a good idea to still try to grow beard hairs long enough. Suppose you suffer from many bald spots, for example, the beard hairs will fall over them if they grow long enough. Therefore, a full beard will always be a godsend for men with many bald spots.

Suppose you can grow a good mustache, but little beard, then go for the mustache! To style in many different ways and suit different face shapes. Also, depending on the amount of beard growth, you can opt for a ring beard. That way you don't have to have much beard growth on your cheeks, for example. A van Dyke is also very popular among men with little beard growth.

Bald head beard styles

Fair is fair, bald men can have any beard style. Of course, it still depends on your face shape, but having no hair on your head doesn't necessarily mean anything about your beard growth. A hugely full beard looks perfect on bald men! Your bald head absolutely does not have to get in the way of your beard. Just try something out.

All in all, a beard should suit your style and the shape of your face. That's it. You name it and there is a name for your particular beard. Try out some different beard styles and find out what really looks best on you. And remember: A bad day with a beard is always better than a good day without one!