Beard Baubles: The ultimate Christmas decoration for the man

Baard Kerstballen: De ultieme kerstversiering voor de man

To make Christmas time with your friends and family a little lighter, of course we all put on a wrong Christmas sweater. Maybe a pair of funny socks and then we're good to go. By now the spontaneity has worn off a bit. Time to pull something else out of the closet or give a gift to your friends or partner.

Christmas beard balls

Don't panic, that cool Christmas sweater you spent way too much on last year can still be put on. You can now buy Christmas decorations for in your beard. Beard baubles with which you will steal all the attention. Let the people around you literally decorate you with these beard baubles. You can buy them with or without lights and they are super easy to attach with handy clips.

koop hier kerstballen voor de baard

Nice Christmas gift for men

It's a funny Christmas decoration that makes a Christmas tree almost unnecessary. Of course, you may not have a beard at all. Then of course you can always give them as a gift to a friend, your brother or as a woman nice to surprise your partner with. If you would like to have them yourself, you can always put them in your hair if you don't have a beard. You can do whatever you want. Be quick because they go really fast. Order your own beard baubles.

baard kerstballen kopen