Perfumes with vetiver notes

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Perfumes with vetiver notes

Vetiver is a fragrance note appreciated for its earthy and woody character. This fragrance is extracted from the roots of the vetiver grass plant (Chrysopogon zizanioides) and has a deep, rich aroma reminiscent of dry earth and woody notes.

The scent of vetiver is often described as earthy, smoky and slightly sweet. It also often has a hint of citrus or spice in the background. Vetiver is considered a complex and versatile scent, and it can range from light and refreshing to heavy and intoxicating depending on how it is used in a perfume.

This fragrance note is known for its earthy and calming properties, and is often used in perfumes that aim to convey a sense of stability and tranquility. It is often used in men's fragrances for its masculine and woody qualities, but it can also work beautifully in unisex and women's fragrances.

Vetiver also has the ability to fix and enhance other fragrance notes in a perfume, making it a commonly used base note in the perfume industry. In general, vetiver is prized for its depth and complexity and is a favorite scent for those seeking an earthy and refined scent experience.


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