With these 10 care tips, every man will survive the summer

Met deze 10 verzorgingstips overleeft elke man de zomer

Summer is back in full swing and that means lots of sweating, lots of sunshine and, above all, lots of physical care. The heat requires different physical and external care than the cold winter. In summer, not only do you show more of your body smell but also more of your body. We wear less covering clothes and sometimes even almost no clothes at all.

High time to share some tips so that every man can get through the summer as the best version of himself. The right care during the summer is important not only to look good but also to keep your skin as healthy as possible and make it as comfortable as possible for yourself.

reinig de huid dagelijks

1. Cleanse the skin daily

Cleansing the skin daily is not a problem in summer. Skin is oilier in summer and gets dirty faster. Sweat, bacteria, particulates, exhaust fumes and leftover sunscreen all remain on the skin. Not very tasty.

Start the day by cleansing your face. Try to use a face wash that is free of dyes, artificial fragrances, soap and alcohol as much as possible. This will prevent your skin from becoming too dry. This also applies to body wash. We recommend a product that contains only natural ingredients.

2. Don't forget the moisturizer

When you wash your skin daily, it is important to use a moisturizer. Then use a light cream that doesn't get greasy and absorbs quickly so your skin doesn't get a dirty shine and greasy.

Are you going on vacation and have air conditioning in your room that makes your skin dry? Then apply the moisturizer to your face before sleeping.

3. Exfoliate

Scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells. Your skin will look healthy and sunscreen will be better absorbed so it can protect you better. Your skin contains more dirt than at other times and could use this extra cleansing. Again, it is important to moisturize the skin with a light moisturizing product.

4. Just shower hot

It is so tempting to grab a nice cold shower in this hot weather. Unfortunately, it has more disadvantages than advantages. All the sweat and dirt is better washed off your body with a hot shower. So it will ultimately make you feel cleaner. A cold shower is very nice in the moment but will only cause discomfort afterwards. The cold shower causes your body to cool down and you get extra discomfort from the heat after showering. You have to get used to the heat again and start sweating right away. So shower with water of the same temperature as normal.

5. Use less perfume

Taking good care of your body in summer is really enough to smell good. In the hot sun, the fragrance molecules of your perfume are degraded, which affects the smell. It also dries out the skin. Do you use perfume anyway? Then only use a small amount after showering and don't use it to mask sweat odor. You will really just smell even dirtier.

6. Remove body hair

Body hair creates heat and can feel very unkempt in the summer. To feel and to see. Wax that jungle on your back when you have it and trim your chest hair. Shave off those armpit hairs and trim or shave your pubic hair. Don't be afraid, you really don't necessarily have to become a nude in the summer but just keep it short and fresh.


7. Use less pomade, wax or well

Your head will get greasy faster in summer and along with all the sweat, your hairstyle will start looking dirty and greasy faster. Use less hair styling products in your hair. It will feel nicer on your head and it will also look better. Our tip is to use a sea salt spray.

8. Trim your nails

Long nails mean dirt left behind faster. Especially in the summer when you are outside more. Also cut toenails short so that everyone dares to take a look at your feet. In summer, more of your body is visible. So too are your feet. Long dirty toenails are very distasteful and it comes at the expense of your appearance. Cut them straight to avoid ingrown toenails. Still dirty feet? Take a foot bath of warm water with epsom salt a little more often. What clean feet you will have.

9. Sunscreen is your friend

Every man knows by now the stories about skin cancer. But besides the health risks, you also get rough leathery skin from too much sun without protection. Not exactly charming. At a minimum, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and UVA/UVB protection. There are also day creams available that protect you from the sun.

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10. Don't worry

Do you apply all the tips and are you well taken care of? Then all you have to do is keep your cool. Do nothing for a few hours a day and don't overload your summer. Take plenty of time for everything so you can appreciate the things you do and not let the summer pass you by stressing and sweating.