The best shaving soaps for the winter

De lekkerste scheerzepen voor in de winter

Nice rich lather, a smooth layer and a comfortable feeling after shaving are all very important, of course, but all that is worth nothing if the scent is not your thing. A shaving soap should smell nice or else not smell at all. As with perfume, you see with shaving soaps that it differs per season which scents are bought. We also see this in our shop.

In the winter you see more warm, heavier and stronger fragrances. A lot of wood, tobacco, spices and sweet scents. We ourselves have our favorites for winter shaving. We would like to share these with you. Here are our favorite winter shaving soaps based on scent.

scheerzeep razorock

Razorock Tuscan Oud

A particularly rich scent inspired by Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford. The scents of tobacco in this soap are floral rather than bitter. A warm and slightly sweet scent that got us hooked right away on this delicious shaving soap from Razorock. In addition to the delicious scent, the soap is also enriched with Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Lanolin for extra nice skin after shaving.

beste scheerzeep

Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather

A very deep scent from Geo F Trumper that is very intoxicating. The combination of Musk with patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood make this a very masculine scent. The name Spanish Leather is inspired by the stuff they used to treat leather with. So the shaving cream does not smell like leather. In any case, we love it. This shaving cream contains a lot of glycerin which is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. This also makes it a very nice product to use in the winter.

scheren gevoelige huid

Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood

For those who are mainly looking for warmth and not the strong or sweet scents will be very happy with this shaving cream. The shaving cream has only the pure warm scent of Cedarwood and Sandalwood and thus is very quiet for the nose, but nice and warm. A shave with a shaving cream from Castle Forbes is guaranteed to be a party. In any season. The quality is among the best.

abbate y la mantia scheerzeep

Abbate Y La Mantia Garibaldi

This soap from Abbate Y La Mantia is fairly new, they have really outdone themselves with this wonderful soap. A scent all its own, no other soap really resembles it. The scent starts off spicy and smells like dried tobacco from Kentucky, combined with something woody and salty from the sea. The scent is not too heavy at all thanks to the wonderful fruity notes in it. A wonderfully hypnotic fragrance. Furthermore, thanks to Pequi oil, the soap has very good moisturizing properties which makes shaving with this soap a party for your face.

scheerzeep gevoelige huid

Officina Artigiana Milano Traditional Shaving Soap

By now one of our biggest favorites of the moment. This soap from Officina Artigiana Milano really came out of nowhere. No one had heard of this brand before. Apart from the fantastic scent, this soap does everything that makes a shaving soap good. It is made up of 40% of various essential oils that greatly care for your face. The smoothness is sublime and the lather is rich. And then the scent! Warm top notes of birch, black pepper and fresh orchid, middle notes of whiskey, honey, tobacco and saffron with a leathery hint, and its base notes of wood, amber, guaiac and barley. That's all we have to say.

saponificio varesino

Saponificio Varesino Desert Vetiver

Ever tried a shaving soap from Saponificio Varesino? In terms of shaving properties, there are not many better soaps on the market as far as we are concerned. So we don't need to say much about that. The average shaving enthusiast knows the soaps. Desert Vetiver we find suits winter well because it exudes one and all warmth and spice. The blend with top notes of elemi, frankincense, orange and artemisia light up in the floral and spicy middle notes of black pepper, juniper berries, oregano and lavadin, resting on the woody base notes of vetiver, fresh clove and the appealing scent of amber which makes for the wonderful masculine scent.

proraso scheerzeep

Proraso Red Sandalwood

Of course, this one can't be missed. Proraso soaps always hold a place with beginners and advanced shavers. Always excellent products. This variant contains Shea Butter which makes shaving in winter extra soothing. The wonderful warm and aromatic sandalwood scent remains a true classic of Proraso. You can never go wrong with this.

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