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Beard filler

Some men are blessed with a good full beard with no bald spots, while the other man has holes in his beard. Fortunately, that doesn't have to be a problem at all these days! It is an option to let your beard grow longer so that your hair falls over the 'hole', but it is also a very good option to use a beard filler.

What is a beard filler?

Beard filler is a kind of 'mascara' or make-up for your beard hair. This makes it easy to fill in gaps or slightly adjust the color of your beard. The result of a beard filler is a fuller, healthier beard that is even and contains no holes. A good beard filler is stain-free and will certainly not clump in your beard.

Always pay attention to the color of the beard filler. The color of the beard filler should be close to your own beard color so that there is not a big difference. So don't use black beard filler if you have blonde hair. Do you want to color your beard completely and for a long time? Then use a beard dye .

The benefits of beard filler

  • Fills gaps in your beard
  • Makes your beard smooth
  • Colors beard hairs
  • Gives your beard a full and healthy look
  • Very easy to apply

How long does beard filler last?

At least all day. Beard fillers are known to last an average of 18 hours. Always read the description of the beard filler you are interested in. A good quality beard filler will also withstand rain, sweat and touching your beard. If you want to remove the beard filler again, just use a good beard shampoo .

The best beard filler

Some top brands have focused specifically on creating the best beard fillers, including CARL&SON . The CARL&SON Beard Filler covers, among other things, gray hair and is completely stain-free.


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