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Gillette Fusion

The Cartridge razor: Gillette Fusion is an innovative and advanced shaving system designed to provide an exceptionally close and comfortable shave. The Fusion uses advanced technologies and materials to give you an unparalleled shaving experience.


What is a Cartridge razor: Gillette Fusion?

The Gillette Fusion is a cartridge razor that uses interchangeable blades that are placed in a specially designed holder. The razor is designed to minimize skin irritation and provide a smooth, comfortable shave. The Fusion series consists of different models, such as the Fusion ProGlide and the Fusion ProShield, all of which have special features to make shaving even more enjoyable.


How does the Gillette Fusion work?

The Gillette Fusion uses multiple technologies to provide an optimal shaving experience:

  1. Five blades: The main feature of the Fusion is the use of five thin, sharp blades that are closely spaced. This ensures a closer shave with less irritation, because the blades exert less pressure on the skin.

  2. FlexBall technology: The FlexBall technology ensures that the razor can effortlessly follow the contours of the face. This ensures that all hairs are shaved accurately, even in hard-to-reach areas such as the jawline and neck.

  3. Lubrastrip: The Lubrastrip above the blades contains lubricants that are released during shaving. This provides a smoother shave and helps reduce skin irritation.

  4. Precision trimmer: At the back of the razor is a precision trimmer. This is ideal for touching up sideburns, under the nose and other hard-to-reach areas.


Benefits of the Gillette Fusion

The Gillette Fusion offers several advantages over traditional razors:

  1. Closer shave: Thanks to the five blades and the FlexBall technology, the Fusion shaves closer to the skin and provides a smoother result.

  2. Less irritation: The combination of thin blades and a Lubrastrip ensures less skin irritation during shaving.

  3. Convenience: The interchangeable cartridges make it easy to change blades and ensure an always sharp razor .


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