Beardburys is a brand that stands for bold beard, hair and shaving products. The brand...> read more

Beardburys is a brand that stands for bold beard, hair and shaving products. The brand was born with the idea of ​​starting a revolution in...> read more



Beardburys is a brand that stands for bold beard, hair and shaving products. The brand was born with the idea of ​​starting a revolution in the world of traditional male grooming. The revolutionary brand is daring, innovative and anything but conformist. “Beardburys is more than a brand - it's a lifestyle.”


86% Natural ingredients

The brand loves natural ingredients and therefore tries to incorporate this into their products as much as possible. For example, 86% of their ingredients are natural. All formulas are created by anti-conformist experts.


100% Made in Spain

The bold brand contains the temperamental Spanish character and all their products are therefore made in Spain. Beardburys therefore has all the approvals of the Spanish professionals in this sector.


Innovation and technology

The men behind the brand always do everything to make each individual product unique. Handmade formulas, exclusive designs, high quality standards. Everything is included in the production process.


Nonconformity and Entrepreneurship

It is not for nothing that the brand is so popular and successful in this industry. The Beardburys DNA ensures that they make progress every day. That way they can offer the best care products for men!


The origins of Beardburys

In 2016 Beardburys' journey began. They started in a mini office with 5 different products. In 2017, the brand really took off and became extremely popular. The small offices were exchanged and the old packaging was thrown into the container. A new jacket for their products was born. In 2022, Beardburys went even bigger. Several business factories were opened. The brand only seems to grow, without losing sight of their core.


Beardbury's: award winning

To emphasize their successful formula, here are a few awards that the bright minds behind Beardburys have won.

  • Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018 Winner
  • Barberías Con Encanto - Mejor Del Año 2018 The Best
  • Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019 Finalist
  • Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 Winner


Beardburys products

The men of Beardburys have considered all men. That is why they have an extensive line with different products. They have beard products, hair products and shaving products . Definitely worth checking out their range!


Beard products

It's all in the name. Beardburys is the brand for all bearded friends. You can find here, among other things, a beard & mustache wax, beard oil, beard shampoo, beard brush and a beard balm. But they also have a very extensive line of shaving products and a line of hair styling products.


Hair products

In terms of hair styling, Beardburys also has an extensive collection including a color hair pomade, sea salt spray, gray shampoo, hair spray, conditioner , clear shampoo, clay pomade , 3-in-1 hair & body wash, hair wash, volumizing powder and a fiber hair gel . You have many different types of scents in this collection, so there is always a product for your taste.


Shaving products

Shaving products are also available in a wide choice. Beardburys has a straight razor , shaving towel, shaving bowl, shaving gel, aftershave, pre shave , shaving foam, talcum powder, shaving cream and a shaving brush.

Last but not least: Beardburys also has hair & beard dye ! In 4 different colours. That way you can have your beard hair match the color of your hair, mask gray hair and make your beard look fuller and smoother. We are fans.